As announced at the Winter Division Executive Meeting in February, 2014, the North Carolina Division will discontinue delivery of printed copies of The Carolina Confederate to members due to budget restraints.

Members with internet access can obtain the The Carolina Confederate by downloading directly from the Newsletter Archive page on the North Carolina Division website, or by email from their Camp Communications Officer.

The North Carolina Division understands there are members who do not have the ability to receive the newsletter via electronic means. Therefore the Division is offering this special black & white introductory offer to those members who find themselves in this situation. North Carolina Division Members in Good Standing can purchase a subscription of a black & white copy of The Carolina Confederate.

Subscription is now available for $5.00 starting with the March-April 2014 edition. This Special Introductory Offer is your payment for subscription effective through July 31, 2014. Send subscription form with payment to the Adjutant who will keep track of subscriptions. When it becomes necessary to renew a subscription, Camp CIO's will
be contacted to inform subscribing members to renew.



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Adjutant/Treasurer: Josh Myers

Chaplain: Don Long

Color Sergeant: John Pugh

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