On Saturday, July 26th, a Flag Vigil and Rally was held in Lexington, VA, in response to the removal of Confederate flags from the General Robert E. Lee memorial in Lee Chapel by Washington and Lee University .

The North Carolina division was well represented, with six members of the Col. John Sloan camp attending.

CampMembersAtFlagRallyChaplain David Long, Jeff Frank, John Pugh, Kenneth Chilton,
Michael Moore and past commander Don Saunders.

The university abruptly announced that the Lee Chapel and Museum would be closed over the weekend of the rally.

"We regret to announce that Lee Chapel and Museum will be closed starting at 3:00pm on Friday, July 25 and remain closed on both Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27. This unscheduled closing is based on concerns for the safety of the facility and its staff on the day that the Sons of Confederate Veterans have scheduled a rally in Lexington. We must take this unfortunate precaution because of the inflammatory and threatening letters, emails and phone calls the University has received in response to the removal of reproduction battle flags from the statue chamber in Lee Chapel and the decision to bring authentic battle flags to the Lee Chapel Museum. We apologize for this inconvenience."

The wording in the announcement implied they saw the Sons of Confederate Veterans as a threat, which could not be further from the truth. I can think of no group that has greater respect and admiration for General Lee than our organization, who's members would selflessly defend the Lee Chapel and Museum from any harm.

While the W&L Communications Director Brian Eckert responded, "No one suspects that the Sons of Confederate Veterans plans anything bad. But given the inflammatory and threatening communications we have received, we — like the Sons of Confederate Veterans — want the chapel and museum safeguarded."

FlaggersAtWLFlaggers at the entrance of Washington and Lee University.

CrowdAtFlagRallyBenJonesAddressingCrowdIncoming SCV Chief-of-Heritage-Operations Ben Jones addressing the crowd.
Ben Jones is known for his role as "Cooter" in the TV series "Dukes of Hazard"
and also served two terms as a Congressman from Georgia.


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