Date Published Source Title
June 28, 2020 Fox News Montana man charged with toppling Ten Commandments monument
June 28, 2020 Breitbart Pollak: 3 Recent Signs Democrats Want a Socialist Revolution
June 28, 2020 Breitbart Pirro: Democrats Don’t Want Reform, They Want Chaos — ‘We Must Put an End to This Anarchy’
June 28, 2020 Fox News California Democrats pass resolution calling for John Wayne Airport to be renamed
June 27, 2020 The Epoch Times How to Fight Back in Our New Civil War
June 26, 2020 Chillicothe Gazette Union Army monument vandalized in Chillicothe's Grandview Cemetery
June 26, 2020 Fox News Christian figures, symbols targeted amid ongoing protests
June 25, 2020 WCTI Kinston Confederate monument to be moved to Civil War memorial site
June 25, 2020 Fox Business Coronavirus facemask rules in Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina won't affect concealed carry, sheriffs say
June 24, 2020 WPMT Gettysburg National Military Park will stage 3-day 'virtual tour' marking the 157th anniversary of the battle
June 23, 2020 WGHP WWII memorial vandalized in Charlotte
June 23, 2020 AMAC Trump Authorizes Federal Government to Arrest Anyone Who Vandalizes, Destroys Statues
June 21, 2020 Advance Local Plane protesting NASCAR flies Confederate flag above Talladega
June 21, 2020 Fox News North Carolina governor orders Confederate statues removed from state capital, cites public safety
June 21, 2020 The Guardian American Museum of Natural History to remove Teddy Roosevelt statue
June 20, 2020 WRAL Police told to stand down before protesters toppled monuments, officials explain why
June 20, 2020 The Hill NC governor orders Confederate monuments removed from Capitol property
June 17, 2020 Breitbart Thousands Sign Petition to Shut Down Guardian over Links to Slavery, Anti-Lincoln Propaganda
June 17, 2020 Fox Business Juneteenth: What you need to know
June 16, 2020 WLOS Confederate monuments to be moved from downtown Asheville
June 15, 2020 The Federalist The Monument-Destroying Mobs Don’t Hate The Confederacy, They Hate America
June 15, 2020 Fox News Portland protesters tear down ‘racist’ statue of Thomas Jefferson
June 13, 2020 Tulsa World 'Time for a change:' Cherokee Nation removes monuments dedicated to Confederate soldiers
June 13, 2020 Fox News Lt. Col. Allen West on desecration of Confederate monuments: 'History is not there for you to like or dislike'
June 13, 2020 Fox News Tucker Carlson: Don’t destroy America’s history and shared heritage
June 12, 2020 NBC News IndyCar flagman fired after criticizing NASCAR for banning Confederate flag
June 12, 2020 CBS Philly Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Of The American Revolution Vandalized In Philadelphia’s Washington Square
June 12, 2020 KSFY Gettysburg (South Dakota) City Council discusses Confederate flag on police badge
June 12, 2020 USNI News Senate Bill to Purge Confederate Names from U.S. Military Could Affect Two Navy Ships
June 6, 2020 Newsweek U.S. Marine Corps Orders Confederate Flag Ban Including on Bumper Stickers, Mugs And T-Shirts
June 6, 2020 Fox News London statue of Winston Churchill vandalized on D-Day amid protests
June 6, 2020 NPR Confederate Monuments Are Coming Down, Are Streets And Highways Next?
June 6, 2020 KABC Marine Corps bans public display of confederate flag
June 5, 2020 Richmond Times-Dispatch It's unanimous: All nine Richmond City Council members back removal of Confederate monuments on Monument Avenue
June 5, 2020 WSLS Option to remove Confederate monuments presents complex challenges in Lexington
June 5, 2020 WVTM World War I memorial statue in Birmingham vandalized during Sunday night riots, removed by city
June 5, 2020 WPMI Admiral Semmes Confederate monument removed from downtown Mobile overnight
June 5, 2020 WGHP Police seek help identifying potential witness of International Civil Rights Center vandalism in Greensboro
June 5, 2020 Fox News WWII flag swiped from Reno City Hall during George Floyd unrest is returned
June 5, 2020 Fox News On sad anniversary, few to mourn the D-Day dead in Normandy
June 5, 2020 Fox News Lawyer: Landmark suit against Antifa is for 'all Americans who are threatened by these criminals'
June 4, 2020 Salisbury Post SPD: Officers weren't ordered to protect 'Fame'
June 4, 2020 WXIN Confederate monument in Indy’s Garfield Park will be removed
June 4, 2020 WLEX Gov. Andy Beshear calls for removal of Jefferson Davis Memorial
June 4, 2020 Washington Examiner 'No longer the capital of the Confederacy': Virginia to remove Robert E. Lee statue 'as soon as possible'
June 4, 2020 Archaeology Civil War Battlefield Surveyed in Arkansas
June 4, 2020 Fox News Birmingham mayor slapped with state lawsuit after tearing town Confederate monument
June 4, 2020 Fox News Barr: Evidence shows foreign actors, Antifa trying to 'hijack' George Floyd protests
June 3, 2020 World Tribune Yes, the riots are being brought to you live by the Democratic Party
June 3, 2020 Newsmax Antifa Was Plotting Insurgency for Months
June 3, 2020 WFAA Texas Ranger statue at Dallas Love Field to be removed, officials say
June 3, 2020 Herald-Mail Media Civil War statue, 'slave auction block' vandalized in Sharpsburg area
June 2, 2020 WWBT Fallen police memorial among statues damaged during Richmond protests
June 2, 2020 The Wall Street Journal Last Person to Receive a Civil War-Era Pension Dies
June 2, 2020 Breitbart News Rioters Deface ‘Glory’ Monument to Black Civil War Soldiers in Boston
June 2, 2020 Fox News Former Antifa member bashes radical group as fighting for nothing but 'failed leftist socialist ideology'
June 2, 2020 ABC News Confederate monuments coming down around South amid protests
June 1, 2020 American Greatness Antifa Rioters Deface World War II and Lincoln Memorials on National Mall
June 1, 2020 Blue Rdiger Public Radio Sons Of Confederate Veterans Guard Confederate Statue During Sylva Vigil
June 1, 2020 Daily Mail Award-winning archaeologist gives detailed instructions on how to pull down Confederate obelisks as protesters topple racist statues in Birmingham and Nashville
June 1, 2020 WGHP Gov. Cooper greets group of protesters outside Executive Mansion
June 1, 2020 WCVB Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial defaced during protests
June 1, 2020 Fox News George Floyd unrest: How riot groups come together to loot, destroy
June 1, 2020 World Socialist Web Site The History Channel’s Grant
May 31, 2020 Stars and Stripes National World War II Memorial is vandalized
May 31, 2020 Newsweek Protestors Attempt To Remove Confederate Monument In Birmingham, Mayor Asks That They Let Him 'Finish The Job'
May 31, 2020 The Washington Post Robert E. Lee statue and Daughters of Confederacy building attacked by Richmond protesters
May 31, 2020 Fox News Famed DC monuments defaced after night of protests
May 31, 2020 Associated Press Protesters in some cities target Confederate monuments
May 31, 2020 CNN Trump tweets Antifa will be labeled a terrorist organization but experts believe that's unconstitutional
May 29, 2020 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Confederate monuments vandalized in Oakland Cemetery, cops say
May 27, 2020 Yahoo! News Leonardo DiCaprio's Big Middle Finger to the Confederacy
May 21, 2020 Fox News Pennsylvania county’s veterans graves to get flags for Memorial Day after coronavirus rule waived
May 15, 2020 Federal grant awarded to nonprofit to acquire land near Gettysburg National Park
May 13, 2020 Fox News Boy Scouts banned from planting American flags on veterans' graves for Memorial Day due to coronavirus
May 4, 2020 WZZM Protesters would be banned from carrying Confederate flag at Michigan Capitol, bill proposes
April 15, 2020 WBFF Plaque with Seal of Maryland stolen from Antietam Battlefield
April 5, 2020 Jackson Free Press SCV: Gov. Tate Reeves Proclaimed ‘Confederate Heritage Month’ on April 3
February 15, 2020 The Times Examiner City Council Urged to Remove Confederate Flags from Cemetery
February 12, 2020 The News & Observer Judge overturns Silent Sam settlement between UNC and Confederate group
February 11, 2020 NPR Virginia Legislature Votes To Allow Cities To Remove Confederate Statues
February 9, 2020 Fox News Antifa protest in Oregon leads to 3 arrests, suspect sought for defacing war memorial
February 9, 2020 Fox News Pompeo warns governors of Chinese infiltration into US: 'It's happening in your state'
February 5, 2020 WCBD Construction crew finds Civil War artillery shell in downtown Charleston
February 4, 2020 WBRZ Sons of Confederate Veterans appeal in parade permit suit
February 3, 2020 WHSV Confederate monument in Harrisonburg vandalized with red paint
January 31, 2020 Fox News Antifa plans massive anti-cop action in NY subways, push for free transit, ending police presence
January 28, 2020 Fox News West Virginia governor: Virginia counties unhappy with liberal government should just secede
January 28, 2020 WTKR Group believes Virginia Beach’s Confederate monument should stay up, but says add context
January 28, 2020 WBDJ Charlottesville mural calls for local control over Confederate monuments
January 25, 2020 The Washington Times George Soros, 89, is still on a quest to destroy America
January 25, 2020 Reckonin' Being Southern in an Age of Radicalism
January 25, 2020 Victory Girls Blog I Was Wrong – They Want War
January 24, 2020 Advance Local Media Birmingham fined over panels around Confederate monument
January 24, 2020  Law Enforcement Today Virginia issues new bill to help protect leaders from threats
January 22, 2020 James G. Martin Center Social Justice Revisionism Comes for Washington and Lee
January 21, 2020 Washington Examiner Civil War II: Gun control could push Virginia counties to join West Virginia
January 20, 2020 Education News "First the Christmas Tree, then the Cenotaph, and now a Statue to Santa Anna”
January 18, 2020 The Roanoke Times Many come out in support of Lee-Jackson Day in Lexington
January 16, 2020 WTOP Civil War museum gets rid of Confederate flag on new logo
January 15, 2020 West Virginia Plans To Accept Virginia Counties That Secede Over Gun Control Concerns
January 15, 2020 Associated Press Va. school board will not ban Confederate flag in dress code
January 14, 2020 WGAL Strong winds knock down trees near monument on Gettysburg battlefield
January 13, 2020 KTVI Man arrested for vandalism at Soldiers Memorial
January 11, 2020 WTVD NC bill requires high school students to take personal finance course, 1 less US history course
January 8, 2020 Hot Mic Catches VA Dems Plotting How To Ignore Pro-Gun Testimony
January 8, 2020 WRAL Student newspaper says secret negotiations leading to 'Silent Sam' deal broke NC law
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