North Carolina Heritage Defense Fund

Is your heritage of honor, courage, and valor worth a donation from you? Every day that our heritage is nuder attack more of our history and the stories of our ancestors will be lost. Is this what you joinded the Sons of Confederate Veterans to prevent? Will you take a stand? In the future we will need to use our legal system to protect and preserve our heritage. As you know, this take money. Please help.

NCSCV Memorials Fund


General Joseph E. Johnston statue
at Bentonville Battlefield

Our current project is the statue to General Joseph E. Johnston. The statue was dedicated on March 20, 2010, on private property donated to the Sons of Confederate Veterans located adjacent to the Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site.

This is the first Confederate general's statue to be erected in North Carolina. Renowned artist and sculpter Carl Regutti was commissioned to sculpt the statue.

We will continue to raise funds to complete additions and improvements to the statue area such as plaques, brick walkways, lighting, etc.

Oakwood Cemetery (Raleigh, NC) Fund

In the continuing effort to beautify the Confederate section in Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, funds are needed to complete the installation of paved walkways and other such upgrades. For the past two years we have been soliciting funds for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, but now it's time to work closer to home. Let's all join together and help to complete this beautification effort. Our Confederate section will be the showcase of the South.


Battle Flag of the 54th NC Troops

Rally to the Colors Flag Fund

Flag of the 54th Regiment which was formed at Camp Magnum, outside of Raleigh, on May 16, 1862, with Col. John Wimbish as the initial commander. Although th e54th experienced moderate losses at the battles of Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville and 3rd Winchester, its greatest loss came at the Battle of Rappahannock Station on November 7, 1863, when more than three hundred members were taken prisoner. However, with the addition of new recruits the regiment continued until the end of the war. At Appomattox on April 12, 1865, only 58 men could be musters to receive their paroles.


Uniform Conservation Fund

FrockCoat JamesBGordon

Fockcoat of Gen. James B. Gordon

Frock coat of James B. Gordon. He was a native of Wilksboro, NC and became a Brgadier General on September 28,1863. He served the majority of the war with J.E.B. Stuart's command in the Army of Northern Virginia.


Contribution to the above funds can be included with your membership renewal statement. Donations can also be made on-line via the North Carolina Division web site.


Flags Across the Carolinas

The SCV Mechanized Cavalry of North Carolina is proud to announce that the "FLAGS ACROSS THE CAROLINAS" fund has been officially established to raise money to support the project of the placement of mega size Confederate flags in many high profile locations on private land across the Carolinas.

This exciting project was adopted by the NCSCVMC in a partner-ship with the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to post the Confederate Battle Flag like the mega flags flying currently in other States all over the South like the two new flags flying off I-95 in the State of Virginia.

For more information on donations (financial, land or services) contact NC Division Commander Kevin Stone.

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